Hi there! I’m an actor originally from this very small country in Europe called Scotland, and I split my time between London and New York, two equally wonderful cities that are both something of a conscious, lucid dream to be in. My grandpa was a comedic actor and my grandmother was an actor/singer, the 1960′s era being the peak of their fame. Just a tad before my time of course, but when I was a little boy, and my parents took us to see them perform onstage, I watched with a tremendous amount of certainty that it was exactly where I wanted to be. And even more to the case, when we went backstage after, and the green room was filled with all sorts of wonderful, eccentric actor types, I knew these were the people I wanted to expend the majority of my life around.

After high school, it was a choice between English Literature at university or drama school. I am unsure of a great many things in this life, but in this particular moment, I knew where my heart lay. After a move to London very young, I went to the notoriously intense method acting school Drama Centre London, which instilled in me the emotional flexibility, the ability to transform into someone else, the imaginitive world from inside, and the level of commitment required to really be an actor. I wasn’t the best student in the sense that I left early, but at the time I longed to be in New York City, where I had spent many magical segments of my younger life, and went to study further at the American Musical And Dramatic Academy. This was another equally valuable experience and enlightened me to the contemporary side of my thus far classical training background, and I took exactly what I needed from an array of wonderful teachers.

Since drama school, I’ve done  a range of theatrical, film, TV, new media and commercial productions. My passion primarily lies in the thrill of live theatre but my on-camera experience over several years has led me to deeply appreciate the intricate, subtle arts of acting for the lens. My journey of discovery and learning new tricks and techniques is absolutely perpetual and I hope, for the span of my life. In addition to acting, I’m also a highly experienced high fashion model and I continue to work in that field also, filling the small gaps in time between projects. Acting has been the great joy of my life, and I love this life that allows me to explore, to play, to step into someone else’s shoes, appreciate their experiences seen through their eyes, and to just simply entertain.